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ABC News 4 June 2002
Charcoal plant opposition from within ALP

The NSW Government is continuing to meet opposition to its approval of the Mogo charcoal plant planned for the state’s south coast, even from within the local ranks of its own party.

Both the president of the Bega State Electorate of the ALP, Wilma Chinnock, and the president of the Moruya branch of the ALP, David Goss, have made official representations to the Government opposing the plant.

Mrs Chinnock and Mr Goss met the Minister for Planning, Andrew Refshauge, last week in an attempt to increase the Government’s awareness of local concerns with the proposal.

Mr Goss says that the best chance of stopping the project from going ahead now lies in convincing the company, Australian Silicon, to find an alternative site for their venture.

He is urging concerned Eurobodalla residents to write directly to the company.

“We feel leading people in the Government now have a very good appreciation of the feeling of the people on the south coast and we hope that people will now, rather than directing their attention to the Government, might now direct their attention to trying to push the company to look at an alternative site where it might be welcomed rather than bitterly opposed,” he said.

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