Mossy Forest Matters

As a community committed to caring for our natural environment, we are working together to preserve Lot 16 to maintain the integrity of our local biodiversity, including threatened species, particularly in light of the catastrophic bushfires of 2019-20 and increasing urban development.

Re-zoning this forested land on the corner of George Bass Drive and Annetts Pde means there is potential for this land to be cleared and subdivided up to 14 lots.

It is presently for sale. We would like to buy it to protect it.

The land includes part of the endangered ecological community Bangalay Sand Forest. It is also home to the threatened Yellow-bellied Gliders and other wildlife and provides essential food and reguge for the treatened Glossy Black-cockatoo.

As a result of the Black Summer fires, so much habitat has already been lost. More development at Mossy Point means even less habitat for our wildlife.

Together we can protect Mossy Forest forever”

If you are interested in helping, please email