Coastwatchers Environment Fund – Funding Applications

The Coastwatchers Environment Fund (The Fund) is a not-for-profit Public Fund, listed on the Register of Environmental Organisations, with the specific purpose of supporting the environmental objectives of The Coastwatchers Association Incorporated (Coastwatchers). It is administered by its own committee, separate from The Coastwatchers Association Inc committee.

The Fund was established on January 20th 2003 and has Deductible Gift Recipient status.
The Fund can be spent only on protecting the natural environment or on providing education or conducting research toward this end, and expenditure must support the environmental objects contained in the Coastwatchers constitution. Funds cannot be used for political purposes (directly promoting or opposing a political party or a candidate running for office), or in support of any illegal activities.

Requests for funding, or proposals for targeted fundraising campaigns, are invited from organisations or individuals outside of Coastwatchers as well as from the Coastwatchers committee and its various subcommittees. Specific proposals need to be submitted to the Fund Committee that clearly state purpose, amount, benefit and connection to desired outcome.

In considering any proposal, the Fund committee will consider relevance to Coastwatchers environmental purposes and all relevant legal matters including real or perceived conflict of interest as well as whether the proposal is a reasonable and responsible use of available funds. Priority will be given to proposals that are financially supported by others, including those who are proposing them. In kind contributions will be taken into account.

Historically, funding in total has only been in the vicinity of a few thousand dollars in a year, but collaborative and targeted fundraising campaigns may greatly increase this.

To apply for funding, please fill in and submit the following form. We’ll endeavour to consider your application within a couple of weeks.