Carr Crucifies Boy’s Reputation to Cover Mogo Plant Approval Compromise

Andrew Humpherson MP
Shadow Minister for Planning
Shadow Minister for Environment
Shadow Minister for Sydney water
Member for Davidson


Come Clean Premier……
Carr crucifies boy’s reputation to cover
Mogo Plant approval compromise
Shadow Minister for Planning and Environment, Andrew Humpherson today called on Premier Bob Carr to come clean and apologise to a 17 year old South Coast cadet journalist accused of lying by the Premier’s office.

Mr Humpherson accused Premier Bob Carr of damaging Eurobodalla Sun cadet, Brett Mason’s reputation to ensure a coverup over the compromising of the Mogo charcoal plant consent.

“This is Brett Mason’s 23rd letter to Premier Carr”, Mr Humpherson said.

“According to the letter the Government is using bullying and standover tactics to prevent exposure of Carr’s slip up.

“Bob Carr must give a public statement as to what happened. This journalist says he has been ridiculed and bullied by the Premier and he is not going to give up”, Hr Humpherson said.

“He has sent the Premier 23 letters trying to regain his credibility and the Premier hasn’t the decency to reply.

“The Premier must release a public statement to end this drama.

“Premier Carr said to Brett Mason that the Mogo Plant was definitely going ahead. This was at a point before it had planning consent. These public comments meant that Planning NSW and Planning Minister Refshauge knew that anything but consent would be unacceptable to the Premier and his Government.

“If any grounds to refuse consent had existed, this act alone ensured that an approval was eventually forthcoming and community concerns were to be ignored.

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