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ABC News 29 August 2002
Carr woos green vote

The New South Wales Premier will this morning make a bid for the green vote at next year’s state election, by announcing a policy to stop native growth timber being used for electricity generation.

Bob Carr will tell an environment conference he is saying no to the harvesting of native forests or the supply of native forest residues to fuel power stations.

Greens MLC Ian Cohen says it is a push for votes that will probably work.

“It’s going to cast a positive light for green voters at election time,” he said.

But not voters on the south coast, where residents are campaigning against the Government’s approval of a charcoal facility south of Batemans Bay.

Spokesman for the Charcoalition lobby group Chris Kowal says Mr Carr’s plan does not go far enough.

“There is no mention in this of ending the logging of native forests for charcoal production,” he said.

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