CW request to Council to adopt OEH Long Beach Sandy Place Reserve Coastal Wattle management Sep 2017 Report

Dear Mayor and Councillors – Eurobodalla Shire Council

I am writing in response to The Long Beach Community Association letter to Coastwatchers requesting our support for the Long Beach Coastal Wattle Management Project as outlined in the attached OEH Report dated 17 September 2017.

The Coastwatchers Association strongly urges Councillors to adopt the OEH Report and recommendations to the Council meeting of 27 March 2018.

Council is responsible for the management of the Long Beach foreshore and wetland on land classified as Crown Land – Recreation and Resting.  They have an obligation to follow the OEH advice for the on-going management of Coastal Wattle. To do otherwise could lead to the failure of the dune to protect the Long Beach foreshore reserve from coastal hazards and sea level rise in the future.

The OEH recommendations are also consistent with the intent of the condition of development approval for the Long Beach Estate, which specified the planting of deep rooted and varied vegetation that would stabilise the dune and prevent erosion.

As our Association focuses on protecting the natural environment, we endorse the OEH recommendations for the on-going management of Coastal Wattle; to increase the dune stability and resilience to coastal hazards and improve the ecological function and biodiversity of the dunes in the longer term.

This would be a desirable environmental, economic and social outcome for the entire Long Beach community, not just those whose property adjoins the reserve and seemingly unaware of Important role Coastal Wattle plays in protecting and stabilising the dune.

See letter attached for full contents of letter.

Yours sincerely

Joslyn van der Moolen – Secretary

Coastwatchers support for LBC Long beach coastal wattle project (97KB .pdf)

Long Beach coastal wattle management project – OEH evaluation (4MB .pdf)

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