Environment Fund

Coastwatchers Environment Fund

About the Fund

The ‘Coastwatchers Environment Fund’ is a fund separate from the Association’s general administration. The Fund obtains its funds from public donations, and was established to support the Association’s environmental objectives and purposes. The Fund has its own bank account, and an independent Management Committee which distributes the monies.

The ‘Coastwatchers Environment Fund’ has been Registered on the Australian Government’s “Register of Environment Organisations” since 20 January 2003, which entitles the tax deductible status for any donations over $2. The Fund relies on the goodwill and generosity of members and the community to continue its work.

How Your Money is Spent

Donations to The Coastwatchers Environment Fund have been used for specific projects such as:

  • The 2011 Koala survey of connectivity pathways for potential Koala habitats in the Shire;
  • Production of leaflets and other material to inform the community about major current issues;
  • Restoration of Mantle Hill Creek in the grounds of the Moruya High School;
  • Purchase of books on marine life that were donated to schools and local libraries at the time of the declaration of the Batemans Marine Park; and
  • Publication of a study of the Bengello Forest area that assisted in establishing a conservation agreement over much of this endangered coastal forest.

Donating to the Fund

Your donations are critical to the operation of the Coastwatchers Environment Fund. The Association will be seeking donations to the Fund in February each year. However donations can be made at any time. A receipt will be issued for tax deductibility purposes.

Download the Environment-Fund-Donation-Form-2016-17 (81KB PDF)