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ABC Radio 19 September 2002
Extract from Interview with Gary Nairn, Federal MP for Eden Monaro
ABC Radio 8:45 19 September 2002
“Various information has been coming to me in recent days with increasing signs that the Carr Labor Government in fact will find a creative solution for the project, and I believe that will include the co-locating of the actual charcoal production with the silicon plant in Lithgow. Now it appears that that’s the direction they’re heading, but they would maintain the timber cutting and drying and that type of thing in the area in line with what’s always been occurring along the coast there with various sawmills etc.”

“My great concern is that we’ve got community money and Eurobodalla Shire Council spending money on a legal challenge. Now if this is the case I would call on Carr to come clean with this now because we don’t want to see any more wasted money on a fruitless legal challenge if they are really going to make these sorts of changes, and it would make sense what I know Russell Smith has been saying there’s got to be an alternative way to do this. It’s something that the community has been very good at doing, I know they’ve got a rally this Saturday ….

“I think that it’s time if this information is correct it should be out there rather than leaving it and stringing the community along as what I believe he is probably trying to do – leave it run along for a bit longer and then sort of come in at the right time, given that there is a State election coming up in March next year, and sort of play politics with it. The community has really had enough and we should get this thing solved now.”

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