Winding Up the Charcoalition Fighting Fund

Coastwatchers Charcoalition
Monday 2 December 2002
Winding up the Charcoalition Legal Fighting Fund
Many of you may have been wondering what is happening with funds generously donated by the community for Charcoalition legal fight. Here is an update on the winding-up of one of the most successful community action campaigns the South Coast of NSW has seen.

Upon the withdrawal of the Charcoal plant proposal by Australian Silicon, the Land and Environment Court upheld the Coastwatchers Charcoalition’s appeal and overturned the development consent.

The Charcoalition incurred substantial legal and incidental costs in this action. It will be some months yet before all accounts have been authorised and paid, and the legal fund can be finalised and wound up.

Chris Kowal, spokesperson for the Charcoalition, said “The Charcoalition has received advice regarding the status of the fund, our obligations to donors, and the distribution of any residual funds.”

Chris continued “The community will be informed about the wind-up process in due course. Meanwhile, the only payments that are being made from the fund are for legal and incidental costs associated with the legal challenge and wind-up process.”

The fund will be included in an audit of all Coastwatchers accounts at the end of the current financial year.

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