Yeadon Instructs State Forests CEO to Defend Him; Carbon Credits may cost taxpayers $1 billion

Andrew Humpherson MP
Shadow Minister for Planning
Shadow Minister for Environment
Shadow Minister for Sydney water
Member for Davidson

Yeadon instructs CEO to defend him
State Forest Chief spins to media

The decision to call in the Chief Executive Officer of State Forests was an outrageous attempt by the Government to bail out the beleaguered Forestry Minister, who is battling allegations he misled parliament on the poisoning of native forest trees.

Shadow Minister for Environment, Andrew Humpherson said the private, background briefings from State Forests CEO Bob Smith was a blatant and unacceptable abuse of the public service.

“This was clearly a desperate measure that reflected the level of fear within the Carr Government over leaked emails which contained sensitive details about a State Forests poisoning program which could have jeopardised the approval of the South Coast Mogo charcoal plant,” Mr Humpherson said.

“The improper use of the Forests CEO and the bungle and cover-up mean that Minister Yeadon should do the honourable thing and resign.

“Clearly this is a Government more concerned with hiding the facts than keeping the public concerned, Mr Humpherson said.

“Bob Smith is a member of the public service, not some political operative who can be called on to trawl the press gallery spinning lines.


Carbon credits may cost taxpayers $1 billion
Premier must clear the air

The State Opposition has called on Premier Carr to clear the air over claims by a UN expert that the South Coast charcoal plant could end up costing taxpayers $1 billion over 20 years.

Shadow Minister for Environment, Andrew Humpherson said today the potential cost is alarming and if claims that taxpayers are to pay $1000 million to subsidise the plant through carbon credit obligations then the Premier must state clearly who will pay.

“Robert Vincin, managing director of Emission Traders International, claims the charcoal plant is “economic vandalism, economic irresponsibility,” Mr Humpherson said.

“At $55 a tonne of carbon the State of NSW may be exposed to paying for United Nations greenhouse gas offset carbon credits – a commitment embraced by Premier Carr.

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