CEMAC Report July 7th 2017

To date there has been no update on the new coastal management legislation. The following information is on the Planning website:

  • Thank you to all who have taken the time to provide feedback on various aspects of the coastal reform program to date, including the draft Coastal Management SEPP.
  • The Department of Planning and Environment is now giving consideration to the feedback received and is working to finalise the Coastal Management SEPP.
  • The Office of Environment and Heritage is currently finalising the Coastal Management Manual and a Toolkit of technical resources and advice for coastal managers.

The reference to the Wharf Road submerged land was removed and the revised CZMP (Coastal Zone Management Plan) was unanimously adopted by Council on May 9th 2017 with the following recommendation,


  1. Council adopts the amended Wharf Road Coastal Zone Management Plan 2017.
  2. Council forwards the Wharf Road Coastal Zone Management Plan to the Minister for Planning for final certification.
  3. Following certification, Council request the NSW Government commences negotiations to purchase land in private owner.

Reina Hill

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