Coastal Sun April 18th 2002 – Changed Face of Labor

Published with permission

I feel that I must preface this editorial with the fact that for a large chunk of my voting life in this country, I voted Labor.
I believed in their policies – in their desire to bring the best to the majority.

I now think NSW Labor has lost sight of these intrinsic goals.

It appears to be totally devoted to bringing the best to the party – and the individuals within the party – not to the people.
I’m sitting here on a rainy, bleak Sunday night reflecting on the events of the week.

Our Police Commissioner ‘resigned’ and ended up with an huge payout – a year’s salary, unlike the rest of the resignees in NSW, who end up with what is due – one or two weeks salary.

The Sun-Herald report – unrest in Gosford. A high-rise development, sitting on the coast was approved in spite of Dr Refshauge’s vow to prevent over-development of the coastline.
NSW Labor is charging $3300 for the privilege of close encounters with Labor leaders.
Port Kembla Copper, opened because the Labor Party supported the move, against the arguments and the fears of pollution, has recorded 25 sulphur dioxide emissions exceeding world health standards this year and the Labor Party still want to let it operate!
And, up to 100 residents in the Eurobodalla Shire are facing their ninth month of eating, drinking and sleeping ‘No go in Mogo’. Eight months of devoting 12 to 15 hours a day – seven days a week, to saving their health, their investments and their lifestyle from the greed and the arrogance of the Labor Party.

I am flabbergasted that NSW Labor appears to think the electorate is stupid.

Does it really think we would swallow the supposed ‘resignation’ of Ryan and the monumental payout?

Does it really think we would accept that a high-rise development on the coast of NSW was OK in this instance?

Does it really think that we would think, paying large sums for the privilege of talking with high level Labor politicians was the go, when we, the constituents can’t even get a look-in, when we are fighting for our democratic rights?

Does it really think that this community would swallow the fact that NSW Labor would protect this community from pollutants from the charcoal plant, if it goes ahead? Look at Port Kembla Copper!

Does it really think that the people fighting night and day against the charcoal plant are doing this out of some misguided anti-Labor thing or radical green thing?

I think not!!

On Friday, the majority of talk-back radio callers all said the same thing.

The Labor Party is imbued with power and this has bred an arrogance – a ‘we know what is best for you so don’t argue’ – ‘and if you argue, we will sock it to you anyway’ – ‘so lie down and take it’ mentality.

Well I for one have had it!

I am sick of pollies, who ignore the will of the people.

I am sick of pollies, who put democracy on the ‘backburner’ – in the name of ‘this is the best thing for the state’.
What a load of codswollop!

This party is doing these horrendous things for VOTES – but only VOTES that result in seats – nothing more – so that NSW Labor retains its licence to go on giving us more of what we don’t want – closed hospitals, reduced dental service, reduced policing and above all unwanted development!!

Too long in power, breeds arrogance and arrogance breeds contempt.

I think the Labor Party views the NSW electorate with contempt.

But, I also think the NSW electorate views the Labor Party with contempt.

And the NSW electorate will have the final say!

March 2003 can’t come soon enough!

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