Coastal Sun March 14th 2002 – Canberra Joins the Fight!

Published with permission.

The ‘Charcoal No Go’ message has reached Canberra, with a massive rally organised for 20 March in Civic.

The protest will include speakers, bands, petitions and information stands. The rally has been organised by two Canberra residents Paula Nesci and Emma Harris who are concerned about implications of the plant.

Kerry Tucker from Greens is scheduled to speak and CSIRO has been asked to speak about their newly developed clean coal process.

“Although the charcoal factory it is not in Canberra it is still of concern as a large majority of ACT residents,” Emma said.

“It would be a nightmare to see the plant go ahead. Most Canberra residents have a connection to South Coast – many more than Bob Carr thinks.” Promotional material is currently being distributed around the ACT, outlining the arguments against the development.

A number of Canberra residents have travelled to Batemans Bay to participate in protests in the past, and organisers are expecting a solid turnout. For those interested in attending, meet at Garema Place, Civic at 12:30pm on March 20.

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