Coastal Sun March 21st 2002 – Free Charcoal Site Ignored

Published with permission.

The movers and shakers behind the construction of the controversial charcoal plant at Mogo have ignored the offer of a free and viable site from an anonymous donor.

The philanthropist offered Australain Silicon 500 acres freehold last November 5, 2001 in a letter to Brett Peterkin, consultant for the company.

The large tract of land oin the Tallaganda Shire on the Nowra-Nerriga Road has a gravel pit on an approved haulage road.

The other benefit of the site is that it is just a few kilometres from the proposed new Shoalhaven Highway connecting Canberra and Nowra.

This would allow better access to railway and road transport.

Tallaganda Shire Council indicated its willingness to locate the charcoal plant within its shire at a meeting on November 14.

According to the philanthropist, Australian Silicon has totally ignored the offer.
Eurobodalla Shire Council’s Mayor Peter Cairney spoke with the landowner. “He is puzzled and so am I. If the NSW Government is serious in their bid for the silicon smelter then they should encourage the company to accept the offer,” the mayor said.

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