Doctors to Protest Against Charcoal Factory Plan – ABC News

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ABC News September 19th 2002

Doctors and health professionals from the NSW far south coast will add their voices to a protest rally this Saturday against the charcoal factory development planned for the region.

The factory will supply charcoal for a silicon smelter at Lithgow, in the state’s central west.

Doctors from Sydney and the Hunter region will join local medical practitioners to highlight their concerns about the possible health problems arising from the development near Mogo.

Batehaven GP Peter Brandson says there is grave concern about the increased risk of serious traffic accidents, with greater numbers of trucks on the roads.

Dr Brandson says research released in the United States earlier this year shows small particle pollution, such as would be released from the charcoal factory, is linked to lead to cardiovascular and respiratory diseases.

“Within the three kilometre radius, of the actual proposed site, there’s going to be 2,000 school students and their associated teachers and families etc,” he said.

“What’s come out in the last few years, is that the fine particulate air pollution is much more harmful than we have previously thought.

“Fine particulate matter gets absorbed through the lungs and actually passes through the lungs and into the cardiovascular system, and can be responsible for cardio disease.”

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