ACT Government to put in submission on charcoal plant

Kerrie Tucker MLA, Greens Member for Molonglo
ACT Legislative Assembly
Media Release 14 December 2001
Government to put in submission on charcoal plant
The ACT Government is to put a submission to the NSW Government regarding the proposed charcoal plant near Mogo on the South Coast, following a request by Greens MLA Kerrie Tucker.

In Assembly question time yesterday, Ms Tucker asked Mr Stanhope whether the ACT Government would put in a submission. Mr Stanhope said that he had not previously thought of doing so but would do so now because of her request. Mr Stanhope also agreed to take an ecologically sustainable approach to assessing the project.

“I am very glad that the new Labor Government is prepared to take more of an inter est in regional issues than the previous government. The South Coast is like Canberra’s backyard, with many Canberrans owning property there or visiting the area for recreational activities,” Ms Tucker said.

“This plant will have a significant environmental impact on the area. It would consume some 200,000 tonnes of Southern forests every year. Around 30,000 tonnes per annum of charcoal will be produced which will be transported by about 10 semitrailers per day from the plant over the Clyde Mountain and through Braidwood on its way to Lithgow.”

“The Government needs to take note of the community concern about this plant not just on the south coast but in Canberra.”

“I look forward to seeing the Government’s submission.”

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