Charcoal Plant at Mogo Sinks – But Who’s Next?

The Greens
The Wilderness Society
South East Forest Alliance
Media Release 23 September 2002
Charcoal plant at Mogo sinks
But who’s next?
Australian Silicon has announced this afternoon that it will not be building a Charcoal Plant at Mogo, near Batemans Bay.

This is a great victory for the South Coast community and conservationists.

Other sites, however are being considered and thus the threat to our forests and other communities is not ended.

Bob Carr and Australian Silicon are wrong if they are assuming the public outcry is localised. While ever NSW’s or Victoria’s forests are under threat by charcoal the campaign to protect the forests will continue unabated.

It is time for the Carr Government to admit the project is off and assure the people of NSW that a charcoal plant will not go ahead in Mogo or anywhere else if it feeds on native forest

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