Charcoalition Shop

The Charcoalition ran an online shop during the campaign against the Mogo Charcoal Plant. Orders were placed via an online form which then sent an email of the order to the Charcoalition; when stock was confirmed and freight calculated, an email was sent to the customer for final approval and payment.

Below we have listed the items that were available.

T-Shirt Long-Sleeved White $20 (back)

T-Shirt Long-Sleeved White (front)

T-Shirt Long-Sleeved Black $20 (front)

T-Shirt Black (back)

Charcoal “Grill” T-Shirt $25


Jeff Aschmann CD with two songs: Say No to Charcoal and Save Australia for You and Me $10. (MP3 files were also available at $5 each song). Thanks to Jeff, who instructed that all proceeds go to the Charcoalition Legal Fighting Fund.

No Go in Mogo Bumper Sticker $2


Nature Coast Badges $3 each

Con the Silly Giant by local author Julie Brennan was launched on November 8th 2002 – after the battle to stop the Mogo Charcoal Plant had been won. Julie said “Con the Silly Giant is a fun children’s story about a large, stubborn and rather unwelcome character with some ugly habits. The tale offers double value, for between its rhyming lines lurks a second, more serious story, for people of all ages. It describes a community’s struggle to prevent a charcoal factory from being planted in its midst.” Click here to see the National Library of Australia’s record of this publication.

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