Coastal Sun April 11th 2002 – Conditions, Conditions, Conditions

Published with permission.

The Eurobodalla Shire Council Works and Facilities Committee asked that conditions suggested by the community (to be included as conditions of consent for the proposed charcoal factory) be noted.

The community, anxious that their amenity be retained asked for over 40 inclusions. Council concluded that many of these were already covered in their report but asked that 4 matters be framed into the conditions already before the Minister for Planning NSW.

* That water be supplied to site by Council (at cost of applicant) as backup supply in drought, to be of a size to provide fire-fighting service in emergency events – to ensure the site has enough water on hand to fight any fires that could ensue.

* Water from Council supply shall be via the roadway route from Mogo and not Tomakin or through private properties.

* Properties adjacent and approximate to the plant (in fallout zone) to be connected to that Council water at cost of applicant – to ensure that these residents, who rely on tank water for drinking, are not forced to drink water polluted by air-born toxins in the emissions from the retorts

* Appropriate pollution management and fire/explosion management plans be incorporated into the EMS.

The committee also asked for the right to amend the conditions of consent as necessary. This move is important as council has been asked to supply its conditions to Planning NSW, prior to the development being approved and prior to sighting the amended Environmental Impact Statement.

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