Logging the Corn Trail – Useful Media Links


Stop Work Orders demanded for compartment 517 logging above Corn Trail, Beagle Weekly Feb 26, 2019. Stop Work Orders demanded for compartment 517 above Corn Trail – Mike Kelly says our precious native forests worth more as carbon sinks. This story has been shared on the Braidwood Bugle Facebook page

Hoofing it to the Coast on Shanks’ pony Riotact John Studholme  16 February 2019

Media Coverage list of National Forest Uprising rally Wed 13 February – 26 articles

Conservationists are battling to stop logging near the Corn Trail Alex Rae 12 Feb 2019

Shameful NS Logging on Famous Corn Trail  FOMR District Bulletin 7 Feb 2019

Shameful Outdated Logging Along the Famous Corn Trail Beagle Weekly 4 Feb 2019

Forest conservationists oppose Corn Trail logging Braidwood Times 3 Jan 2019

Voices For The Forests a short 5 min film featuring Monga National Park and logging compartment 517 next to the Corn Trail filmed in January 2019  Save Monga Video (52 secs) January 2019 

Corn Trail Compartment 517 harvest plan and maps

Things You Can Do – Online Actions  

PETITION: End Native Forest Logging by 2020 

VOTE FOR DAVID GALLAN’S SPOTTED TAILED QUOLL PHOTOGRAPH taken at the top of the Corn Trail in Monga National Park near Braidwood, NSW. Voting open through 2019.  Voting will help the campaign to protect quoll habitat being logged next to the Corn Trail near Braidwood just an hour from Canberra. In October 2018 the photo won the British Natural History Museum, Wildlife Photographer of the Year, Highly Commended Award in the Animals in their Environment category. 

Like Don’t Log the Corn Trail on Facebook

Main Pollies to let know Don’t Log the Corn Trail and add to Monga National Park

Monaro – covers Braidwood and the top of the Corn Trail

NP John Barilaro, Local Member for Monaro, 213 Crawford St, Queanbeyan NSW 2620.  02 6299 4899 monaro@parliament.nsw.gov.au

ALP Candidate bryce.wilson@countrylabor.com.au

Greens Candidate Peter Marshall peter.c.marshall@bigpond.com

Bottom of Corn Trail where logging happening in Bega

Andrew Constance  Local Member for Bega, Vic border up to and including South Durras, Minister for Transport and Infrastructure andrew.constance@parliament.nsw.gov.au 

ALP Candidate for Bega Leanne.Atkinson@countrylabor.com.au

Greens Candidate for Bega, Will Douglas eurobodallagreens@yahoo.com

NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian


Dr Mike Kelly, Member for Eden-Monaro  


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