Bob Carr shows contempt for people’s rights – Charcoalition Media Release Sept 12th 2002

Charcoalition Media Release – September 12th 2002

At the weekends ALP conference in Cooma, Bob Carr has been reported as saying that the charcoal Factory at Mogo was “a fait accompli”. As a member of the local community, I can only but wonder how it is that some are legally restrained from commenting on the case whilst Mr Carr in his position of power and influence, can say what ever he likes.

It’s an absolute disgrace to think that, once again, Bob Carr has shown contempt for the peoples right to seek redress through the proper channel which in this instance, is the legal system. Members of our community and the Charcoaltion are exhausting every avenue available and are highlighting the real issues pertaining to why the Charcoal Factory is ill placed on the Naturecoast.

In appealing the decision of the NSW Government to locate the factory at Mogo in the Land & Environment Court, it would seem that correct restraints and respect for due process is being complied with by most involved. However Bob Carrs persistent comments on the finality of the project and being the Head of the Government, yet again raises the ire of the “done deal” and leaves our perplexed community wondering if a legal challenge is worth it given the pressure that he is apparently exercising.

On behalf of the community appeal lodged by the Charcoaltion, we shall continue to vigorously pursue the action and respect the correct procedures of the EP & A Act.

In the meantime, the Rally organised for this Saturday in Batemans Bay gives people the opportunity to listen to the views of several dignitaries from the social and political spectrum and you’re all encouraged to attend as a show of support to the Community’s Court Appeal.

Kerrie-Anne Benton
for Charcoaltion

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