Explore the South Coast Islands Around Durras

Islands adjacent to Murramarang National Park coastline are continental islands, created when sea levels stabilised about 6,500 years ago.

People can explore them from the water, but landing is prohibited. The NPWS personnel are permitted to undertake invasive weed control, and survey work on nesting sea birds.

The islands are connected geologically to the mainland. All are within a few kilometres of the coast and most are of an area of less than 10ha. Their ecology is similar to nearby headlands.

Due to their shape, the central plateau is surrounded by rock platforms. Many of these islands are termed “old hat” islands.

These coastal islands are of high ecological significance to burrowing and nesting sea birds such as the Little Penguin. These sea birds use very few places on the mainland, because of the existence of predators such as foxes, cats and dogs.


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